Cherry Blossoms, Prospect Park

pink Prunus × incam ‘Okame’ perhaps?

It’s very March here with a storm coming on for the weekend to interrupt my dreams of dining alfresco in the sunshine. Blossoms have arrived anyway with the earliest varietals in “First Bloom” stage. Much more info can be found through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, here. I didn’t note a sign on this tree on the free park side of Eastern Parkway. Join me in celebrating Hanami to enjoy the fleeting early and changeable blooms and not ruminate too much.

Beware: Last March I was in Portland, OR and was tricked by the above link into visiting the Japanese Garden to see cherry blossoms. There was exactly one highly monitored tree up in a lovely gated garden high on a hill while the downtown city streets had many more luxurious free blooms.

My favorite college assignment was a list of trees all around campus and I was to go observe and describe them each week for the spring semester in a twiggy treasure hunt. Squeezing and scrutinizing gradually plumping leaf and flower buds is a balm.

one last link to an incomprehensible British ranking of UK sites, because I’ve been watching Taskmaster and it’s fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms, Prospect Park

  1. Pat Leuchtman

    Emily – What beautiful flowers! We have Witch Hazel shrubs in the neighborhood, and there are a couple of hellebore buds hidden under the leaves but the best thing this afternoon was the opening of a (very) few golden crocuses.

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